The BooStress partners have just completed the production of the eBook, which aims to present the state-of-the-art in stress management resources, programmes and practices in Cyprus, Ireland, Spain and also on a European level. Through our research activities, we have found that young professionals across Europe do not have access to support and resources to help them to manage their stress. Instead, young professionals who participated in the research shared that they find support to manage their stress from friends, colleagues and relatives; or that they practice relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and exercising regularly to overcome any stress they experience in the work-place. Despite these coping mechanisms, what we have learned is that stress management among young professionals is undertaken on an ad-hoc basis, when they are experiencing on-going stress in their work. As such, it is a reactionary exercise, and they do not yet have the skills and know-how to put strategies in place which limits the impact that workplace stress has on their lives. The findings presented in this eBook, further reinforce the need for projects like BooStress, which aims to support young people in Europe to develop these skills.

You can view and/or download the BooStress eBook here.