Page | 29 Training Courses in Stress Management for Health Care Providers and other employees Name of lead organisation: Health Care Training, Ministry of Health; Human Resources Development Authority; Personal Coaches for Stress Management Type of Best Practice: Training Programme, with Handbook/Guidelines which include role plays, scenarios from the work environment, Communication Techniques, Focus in Problem Solution Technique Purpose/Aim of the Tool/Programme/Resource: Stress management courses aim to help health care workers to understand and manage their stress stimuli and associated reactions. Formal training in stress management will help health care workers to understand what and how they can change it and the limits to their control. Short description of the methods/output and how they were implemented: Courses range in style from formal, technique-focused instruction to a more introspective take to self-guidance and management. Whether the preferred approach is introspective or focused on logistics, a strategic and systematic approach is essential. Above all, stress management courses are cantered in transparency – teaching participants to understand the sources of their stress, themselves and the reasons that such stimuli or circumstances cause them stress. The ultimate goal is to increase an individual’s confidence to acknowledge and actively manage stressful situations into productive activity. Motivational and coaching training is excellent in this aspect as it presents an opportunity for people to get to know themselves on a profound level. They will learn their strengths and weaknesses in what makes them tick and what sorts of solutions to stress work best for them. Provide an overview of the outcomes and lessons learned which are relevant or transferable to the BooStress project: Learning techniques about how to recognize their stress, to understand the sources of their stress, to understand themselves and the reasons that such stimuli or circumstances cause them stress. • Techniques how to manage their stress into proactive way • Motivational Techniques and Coaching techniques • Intervention to work stress • Role play with real situation and problems from the working environment • Power point and Handouts / Worksheets