Page | 30 Links/references to relevant websites/reports etc. • Health Care Training • Conicon Training Company • Ministry of Health, Department of Health Education • European University of Cyprus Best Practices presented by FIPL Best Practice in Work-related Stress Management Interventions Name and contact details of lead organisation: Institute of Work, Health & Organisations, University of Nottingham, Level B International House, Jubilee Campus, Wollaton Road, Nottingham NG8 1BB, UK. Type of Best Practice: Handbook/Guidelines with Guidance Sheets Purpose/Aim of the Tool/Programme/Resource: The guidance sheet presented in this best practice provides an overview of the key principles of best practice concerning work-related stress management interventions as defined through the European framework for psychosocial risk management (PRIMA-EF). The aim of these guidance sheets is to act as a reference point for organisations, policy-makers, business owners, managers and employees who wish to implement these best practices in Europe. These sheets provide guidance for all actors to implement different approaches to work-related stress prevention and management in all businesses in Europe and internationally. Short description of the methods/output and how they were implemented: • PRIMA-EF undertook to complete a pan-European review of risk management approaches and tried and tested best practice interventions for work-related stress and based on the outcomes of this review, the guidance sheets were produced. • These sheets highlight “key aspects and best practice principles for strategies to prevent and manage work-related stress, reflective of the European perspective.” • The content of these guidance sheets presents the content, implementation and evaluation of work-related stress management interventions that have been tested and positively evaluated in Europe. • As an example, the following are presented as best practice interventions in managing workplace stress: • Raising awareness and educating managers and employees on the causes and consequences of work-related stress is essential.