Page | 31 • Knowledge, competencies and skills on continuous psychosocial risk prevention and management at the workplace should be developed through appropriate training for managers and workers. • The intervention aims, and its overall importance, should be clearly understood and agreed upon by both management and employees. • The overall support and commitment of the organisation (e.g. allocation of resources) and the active participation of management throughout the intervention – in its design, implementation and evaluation – should be determined. • Employees should participate actively and be consulted in the development of the intervention strategy. • Continuous and active communication among all key stakeholders in the intervention process (e.g. employees, managers, occupational physician and/or other occupational health experts, trade unions) should be developed. Has a study or assessment been undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of this tool/programme/resource in helping professionals to manage stress? • Due to the nature of the pan-European review process that was undertaken to compile these best practice guidance sheets, the examples of best practice presented in these sheets represent the outcome of this study and assessment. • As these sheets are presented as ‘best practices’ for stress management, their effectiveness in helping professionals to manage stress is safeguarded. Provide an overview of the outcomes and lessons learned which are relevant or transferable to the BooStress project: • The best practice principles identified through this review process relate to “the content, the implementation and the evaluation of work-related stress management interventions.” As such, there are ample examples of best practice from this analysis that can be used to support the development of the BooStress project outputs. • The best practices profiled in this guidance sheet also provide an overview of lessons learned from this process, which can be used to inform how BooStress is developed. These lessons learned highlight the following key issues for success, which should be considered by BooStress partners when working with employers and managers: • Organisational readiness to change; • Realistic intervention strategy; • Comprehensive intervention strategy; • Supporting continuous improvement. Links/references to relevant websites/reports etc.