Page | 33 Provide an overview of the outcomes and lessons learned which are relevant or transferable to the BooStress project: The Calm App is useful for the BooStress project because it provides a full suite of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness resources. Throughout the research process, these were topics where young professionals continually showed an interest in receiving further support and training. As such, some of the tools and resources available through the app could be transferred to young professionals who participate in the BooStress project. As the BooStress partners are not experts in the domain of mindfulness, it is useful for partners to be able to refer young professionals to this app, so that they can receive the support they need. The Calm App includes some useful tips and techniques that could be integrated into the BooStress training programme. Through the implementation of the BooStress training, partners could include some of these practices, for example, taking 10 seconds to close your eyes and breathe in and out; or starting each training session with a 10-minute mindfulness session rather than participating in an ice-breaker. These are useful, tried and tested methods that could easily be adopted by the BooStress team when delivering our training to young professionals. Additionally, BooStress partners could take inspiration from the App by providing short, topic- specific masterclass sessions to young professionals online – this is a very popular feature among users. The Calm App was highlighted by some of the research participants in Ireland, and so it is a good idea to adopt some of the approaches used in this App when designing our training materials for young professionals as these are popular approaches among young professionals. Links/references to relevant websites/reports etc. Headspace Smartphone App Name and contact details of lead organisation: Headspace App – developed by Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pearson in 2010. Type of Best Practice: Online Resource – Smartphone Application Purpose/Aim of the Tool/Programme/Resource: The Headspace App uses science-based techniques to encourage users to practice mindfulness. The App has been developed by Andy Puddicombe, who is an ordained Buddhist monk, and so he developed the App with the aim of cultivating “compassion so we can better understand both the mind and the world around us.” To encourage users to practice mindfulness, the app includes a range of guided meditations and breathing techniques. While it is similar to the Calm App, the Headspace App places more of a focus on educating users on the health benefits of regular meditation and also provides a lot of guidance on the science behind meditation which is interesting. Headspace has also launched specific supports for employees, advocating that employers use Headspace practices in their workplaces to spread ‘happiness’ among their work force. These are all described in the following section.