Page | 34 Short description of the methods/output and how they were implemented: The Headspace App aims to support users to ‘learn to live mindfully’. To achieve this aim the App provides users with a library of over 100 themed sessions on topics from managing stress to getting quality sleep. The App is also innovative in that it provides resources in “bite-sized” meditation sessions that can be used by busy employees on the go, and also “SOS exercises in case of sudden meltdowns” which can be particularly useful for young professionals who may be new to stressful workplace situations. The app aims to teach users how to meditate. It explains that the benefits of meditation include increasing compassion; boosting concentration and focus in work, and managing stress. Has a study or assessment been undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of this tool/programme/resource in helping professionals to manage stress? • According to the Headspace blog: “a number of studies have… found that online mindfulness training does produce results similar to in-person training. There’s also a large body of evidence backing in-person mindfulness-based training programs like Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. These programs have proven effective in supporting both healthy populations suffering routine stress and clinical populations experiencing disorders or pathology including anxiety, depression, insomnia, cancer, and chronic pain. • To date there is no specific study undertaken to assess the effectiveness of the Headspace App in particular; however the App has been developed in line with best practice in online mindfulness training, meaning that the benefits of the App for users are comparable to other online mindfulness training resources which have been assessed in various studies. Provide an overview of the outcomes and lessons learned which are relevant or transferable to the BooStress project: • The Headspace App is useful for BooStress because it has specific resources that are aimed at stressful workplaces. It also encourages employers to recognise the cost to their companies, and their employees, of prolonged stress and to adopt regular mindfulness and meditation practices in the workplace. • Additionally, the Headspace App provides support, resources and techniques to help users to manage stress in short ‘bite-sized’ formats. This is considered to be a very effective technique for delivering support to busy young professionals and so it should be adopted when developing the BooStress resources and materials. • Lastly, the section of the App’s resources which provides fast relief to users when stressful situations arise and they can’t cope could be very useful for BooStress learners. One key advantage of the Headspace App is that it is based on scientific and reliable meditation practices, and so it is credible for BooStress partners to refer learners to use it, where additional support is required. Links/references to relevant websites/reports etc.