The eLearning platform hosts the 4-module BooStress Online Training Course and Key Skills Acquisition Resources. Through the e-learning section, users can access the full range of the online training material of the BooStress, including the online modules, and to fully use the interactive and collaborative tools to be developed.

The BooStress Online Training Course aims to equip current and prospect young workers with stress management skills, in the context of health and safety framework, and build their capacity to address relevant challenges in their work environment. It is composed of the following 4 online modules:

  1. Identify stressors and access of associated risks for work-related stress
  2. Understanding your stressors, developing coping strategies and identifying your training needs
  3. Recognize the need for comprehensive approach to prevent or address work-related stress problems
  4. Implementation of coping responses based on individual needs

(total duration of the Training Course: 4 modules equivalent to 20 hours; additional audiovisual and reading resources equivalent to 40 hours)

The full training course is available in English, while selected online material is available in Greek and Spanish.

Feel free to enter the blog and introduce yourselves, share your personal experiences & success stories in dealing with work-related stress, as well as your thoughts and feedback on the BooStress Training Course.

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