In the view of designing and developing the BooStress project outputs, and especially the BooStress Training Package, partners from Cyprus, Spain, and Ireland undertook a research study process which aimed to offer a state-of-art regarding the current provision of stress management resources for young professionals in all three partner countries, the presentation of relevant good practices in this field and an assessment of young professionals and stakeholders in terms of their competence in managing stress, their needs for additional support and an overview of their preferred learning styles and methods.

To identify further best practices, to uncover the level of competence, learning needs and preferred learning styles and methods of the target group and to seek suggestions and recommendations to inform the modules’ development process, partners posed research questions as part of focus group sessions with at least 5 young professionals (including young workers from a disadvantaged background) and 5 stakeholders (including VET professionals, labour market advisors, career and guidance advisors and other professionals who work to support disadvantaged young workers in managing stress) per country. In addition, our Irish partner conducted online focus group sessions through Skype with EU stakeholders from outside of the project consortium.

The results from the desk and field research will be analysed in separate national and EU reports but also compiled in the BooStress ebook “Health and Safety Skills – Youth Training Ecosystem and Methodological Framework”, soon to be available on our website!

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From the focus group in Cyprus with young professionals

From the focus group in Cyprus with stakeholders and trainers