During the 1st semester of 2019, the BooStress partners implemented pilot testing of the eLearning platform in Cyprus, Ireland and Spain. The aim of this pilot implementation was to test the BooStress online modules directly with the target group members, and to elicit their feedback on the presentation and usability of the online platform and e-learning materials.

Throughout the pilot testing phase, there was a lot of interest and support among trainers, stakeholders and young workers for the BooStress materials, and many expressed that these resources will be used in their workplace to help employees to manage stress. There were some useful comments and suggestions made by pilot participants, which were eventually taken on board to improve the BooStress training package.

Each partner, prepared a brief report presenting the process and results from the pilot implementation in the 3 countries. You can find the report prepared by CARDET, FIPL and Caminos in the links below respectively. Cyprus, Ireland, and Spain.

Cyprus Ireland Spain