The eLearning platform will host the BooStress vocational training package, which aims to equip current and prospect young workers with stress management skills, in the context of health and safety framework, and build their capacity to address relevant challenges in their work environment. It will be provided in a full digital format based on eLearning and gamification pedagogies, work-based learning, case studies, and collaboration. Through the e-learning section, users will be able to access the full range of the online training material of the BooStress, including the online modules, and to fully use the interactive and collaborative tools to be developed.

The package proposed will be composed of 4 online training modules covering issues such as:

  1. Identify hazards and assess of associated risks
  2. Information and training needs of employees exposed to hazards
  3. Monitoring of effectiveness of control
  4. Positive behavior adaptation and management skills

The full training package will be available in English, while selected online material and components will be adapted and translated in Greek and Spanish.