O1 Development of the health and safety Skills – youth training Ecosystem and Methodological Framework (eBook)

A research and needs analysis process to identify existing models of best practice for the development of innovative youth and VET stress management skills acquisition; assessment tools and good practices which will mapped out in the BooStress Framework.

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O2 BooStress Curriculum and Toolbox of Key Skills Acquisition Resources

The design, development and testing of the bespoke induction training for the development of skills to deal with work-related stress for young workers. The training toolbox will be piloted in all partner countries. It is estimated that the training toolbox will comprise 60 hours of study.

O3 BooStress Multifunctional and Interactive Platform - Open educational & training e-resource and Mobile Application

The design, development and testing of the e-learning platform to support the implementation of the training programme. This platform will bring all target groups and stakeholders from all partner countries into direct contact facilitating exchange of best practices and peer support.

O4: BooStress Skills Assessment, Validation and Recognition Tools

Based on the final Training Toolbox, the partners with the inputs and support of youth and VET actors will develop the assessment, validation and recognition methods and tools to be integrated in the training program

O5: Infusion of the BooStress Package in the labor market – Adaption and Policy Package

An Adaptation and Policy Package will be developed, based on the collected experience of partners through the over project design and implementation, which will guide its further integration in all EU and assist policy makers and stakeholders to mainstream the project’s methods, practices and tools in the national and EU and youth VET initiatives.