The BooStress training package has just been launched online and is ready to be tested with employers, managers and young employees across Europe. The training package comprises four bespoke curriculum modules which will support young employees experiencing workplace stress to understand the impact stress can have on their physical, emotional and psychological well-being, identify their stressors, develop coping mechanisms and take significant steps towards limiting the impact that stress has on their lives. To ensure that young employees across Europe have access to this innovative and timely training package, partners have been working over the past few months to transfer the curriculum modules online. These training materials are now available through the BooStress e-learning platform, and are ready for testing with young employees, and the employers and managers who work with them in all three countries of the consortium, i.e. Cyprus, Spain and Ireland. The aim of this testing is to show the BooStress platform and materials to our target groups, and to get their direct feedback on the training content and on how it is presented online through the e-learning platform. Once the testing is completed, comments and feedback we receive will be used to update the content of the online training course, and the e-learning platform will be officially launched. The e-learning platform represents a significant support to all individuals across Europe who are experiencing workplace stress and require additional training to help them to cope better with stress.

We invite you to register and access the modules by clicking here!