The BooStress learning activity with the participation of 6 in total youth workers from Cyprus, Spain and Ireland was succesdully implemented in Nicosia between the 07th and the 09th of October 2019. The 3-day training aimed to: learn/train VETs and youth workers to work with the BooStress Toolbox online open resources and modules prepared; evaluate the quality and content of the training material and provide feedback for improvement; and provide suggestions for adaptation and policy drafting at EU and national level.

The agenda was full with discussions, role playing, lectures and study visit to the consultation center of the Youth Board of Cyprus. Participants learned to define stress, anxiety, limits and frustration and list the main characteristics of stress and frustration; distinguish the differences between stress and anxiety and explain the relation between stress and setting the limits; describe how the difficulty in setting limits and managing frustration can lead to stress; identify and apply verbal and non-verbal skills and techniques to manage stress and frustration at work; and effectively use the BooStress Toolbox online open educational resources and skills’ assessment, recognition and validation tools and employ them in their normal training practices

The feedback received was very positive and youth workers will now be able to use their learning to further implement the BooStress Training Package and course in their countries in the future.

"I also learned that it is important to make free time in the evenings to do activities that I enjoy so that I don’t live with stress constantly throughout the day. I think this will also be a useful insight to share with young people in Ireland", participant from Ireland